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FOBS 2021 BHS Soccer Fundraiser September 9, 2021

Our goal is to support our teams. To do this, we host and manage an annual fundraiser that involves consistent participation from every BHS soccer player—that's each player from each of the BHS six teams. When we work together we're able to build an even better program. BHS Soccer netted more in their annual fundraiser last year than any other school.

The money raised is used to support the BHS athletic fees like the following:
  • Injury prevention education
  • Strength and recovery equipment
  • Assistant coaches for boys and girls varsity
  • Skills clinics for goalkeepers and field players
  • Practice equipment and t-shirts for all six soccer teams 
  • Flat nets for two teams to practice on the turf
  • Varsity bags for new players
  • End-of-season banquets, senior blankets, and awards
  • Scholarships for graduating seniors
  • Pre-season training sessions
  • In-season soccer skills for Freshmen teams


FOBS along with the coaches agreed that although it may be a trying time for some families, that keeping some form of fundraising is important for both the current student-athletes and future. FOBS does not operate to be profitable but to give back to the program. If we do not provide a forum for fundraising, we will struggle to provide some key items to the student-athletes both this year and next. FOBS recently voted to move ahead with a new type of fundraiser, Snap-Raise. 

Together, the coaches and FOBS agreed that it is good practice for the student-athletes to have a purpose beyond the field and to keep fundraising as a priority. If a family is struggling financially or does not believe it is appropriate, please notify your coach. 

FOBS chose to work with SnapRaise because it comes with fantastic references including BHS Girls Hockey, Cheer and Boys Wrestling. Cameron, the BHS rep, will take questions during the September 9th kick-off. 

Here's how this works: 

Players must each create a profile pageThey need to follow these steps, prior to October 1st. The fundraiser will run for 28 days!  

STEP 1-SIGN UP! ---We need everyone to participate----

·  Please have players follow the link in their email. Players will automatically be added to your campaign when you sign up.

STEP 2- ENTER  20 (or more) E-MAILS

Players will be directed to add emails to their page. Our expectation is that every member of our team will upload 20 authentic emails to their profile. 

Our Dashboard Team will be able to track this, please be sure to do this as soon as you can. 

Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Neighbors, far away relatives... This is who we are hoping to reach! Make sure your emails do NOT include students, teachers, fake emails, etc., and are only legitimate potential donors.  We will be tracking this to be sure they are authentic.  

Players will be able to win gear, based on the number of emails, and donations made per your email list (not total funds raised per player.) 

You will be prompted to choose your prize gear when you go through this process...

STEP 3: We encourage you to keep an eye on your page, and to enter as many emails as you can! Let's Do This!

Questions? Comments? let me know...Thanks in advance for all your hard work!

Snap Fact Overview: 

  1. Safe and Protected- Snap! Raise is the safest online donation platform available. All data is private and never redistributed. (See the policy below)
  2. Online donation platform - Reach potential donors via email, social media, and text to ask them to support your program and visit the page where they can seamlessly donate. (Think donation letter but we reach a lot more people and much easier for them to support) 
  3. Email Strategy- all supporters will receive a receipt for their gift that is tax-deductible, included with a personalized thank you from the student. There are three reminder emails sent to donors, with an option to unsubscribe. 
  4. Reverse Flow- The Snap Raise platform and process make their campaigns so successful. It allows an extensive reach across communities by providing options to connect with multiple donors and their social networks, maximizing our raising efforts. 


September 9, 2021